Baumest creative shop is located in the farmlands of Central Illinois. From down on the farm to the legendary Michael Jordan and Flying Illini, our artwork honors it all, preserving the iconic memories from our past and creating more for the future. 

Our mission

We combine art with health, fitness, and sports while also celebrating the simple pleasures in life. We seek to collaborate with creatives of all kinds, whether you're an illustrator, painter, athlete, or even a farmer. We want to hear from you, hit us up!

Why Baumest?

It's our last name "Bauman" shortened and pronounced as "bombest". Baumest describes something that is amazing. In particular – people, places, teams or things that are awesome, sick, legendary, dope, legit fire, etc.

Example of use

"Yo bruh, that is the baumest shirt I have ever seen."
"Girl, your cats are so cute, they are the baumest."
"My hubby makes the baumest brisket and ribs."
"She is the baumest hooper in this tournament, no doubt"
"Harold, how is your lawn so green? It's the baumest."

Creative Partnership

If you're interested in working directly with us on a creative collaboration or an artist looking to make some coin, please contact us and give us a little explanation of who you are and what you're looking to do. Serious inquiries only.